Measurefest & BrightonSEO, september 2018

Rand Fishkin keynote, BrightonSEO september 2018
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In the last two weekdays of september I was attending the Rough Agenda events Measurefest and BrightonSEO. It was a blast of an experience, as usual, loaded with new rich information about how to do our jobs a little better.

In two days I had the pleasure of attending 28 sessions focusing on so many different aspects of analytics, digital markteting, search and reporting. I even made the keynote with SEO-celebrity Rand Fishkin (the image above) as my plane was horribly delayed.

Unfortunately I’ve had lot’s of stuff on my plate so any articles, my own key take aways, and a summary in Norwegian is still not ready. You will have to wait. But I got some photos and if you find yourself on one of these below please do not hesitate to use it. Just remember to give me a shout back if you do, at @nickolass.

You can find all the slides and video from auditorium one at

Check out my Norwegian summary of the BrightonSEO in April 2018.