Measurefest & BrightonSEO, september 2018

Rand Fishkin keynote, BrightonSEO september 2018

In the last two weekdays of september I was attending the Rough Agenda events Measurefest and BrightonSEO. It was a blast of an experience, as usual, loaded with new rich information about how to do our jobs a little better.

In two days I had the pleasure of attending 28 sessions focusing on so many different aspects of analytics, digital markteting, search and reporting. I even made the keynote with SEO-celebrity Rand Fishkin (the image above) as my plane was horribly delayed.

Unfortunately I’ve had lot’s of stuff on my plate so any articles, my own key take aways, and a summary in Norwegian is still not ready. You will have to wait. But I got some photos and if you find yourself on one of these below please do not hesitate to use it. Just remember to give me a shout back if you do, at @nickolass.

You can find all the slides and video from auditorium one at

Check out my Norwegian summary of the BrightonSEO in April 2018.

The Paradox of exceptional marketing – Content Marketing og SEO forklart

The Paradox of Exceptional Marketing Rand Fishkin – Founder, Moz

Ikke alle har 45 minutter. Men har du 45 minutter vil du fortsatt være en av meget få som har sett denne videoen hele veien igjennom. Dette er en av de mest gjennomarbeidede presentasjoner av hvordan SEO spiller en fundamental rolle i content marketing.  Continue reading